May 24, 2010 by Mark Crane

A few weeks ago I mentioned an ECHA workshop that I attended in Helsinki at which I gave a presentation on translating risk assessment outputs into socioeconomic analysis inputs. Presentations and other useful information from this meeting have now been uploaded by ECHA onto their website and can be found here. I clearly made a lasting impression, as both my name and the company’s is spelt incorrectly! Despite this small slip up, the information is useful and illustrates very well the difficulties that ECHA, their Risk Assessment Committee (RAC), and their Socioeconomic Analysis Committee (SEAC) will have when dealing with Restrictions and Authorisations under REACH. Activity in this area continues apace – I was at another Commission workshop on the same subject in Brussels on 19th May. The signs are that ECHA, RAC, SEAC and Member State Competent Authorities will take a pragmatic approach, but the level of detail required in both Restriction and Authorisation dossiers still remains unclear. It is, of course, Authorisations that are of the most pressing concern to many in industry, because it is industry that will need to prepare Authorisation dossiers….and final guidance on this has still not been published by ECHA (although we know the broad outline of what will be required).