October 13, 2010 by David Taylor

Manufacturing Using Sustainable Chemistry is a new network that has been established jointly by the Chemical Industries Association and the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York. The aim of the network is to help ensure that companies have the skills, access to technology and sharing of best practice to make their manufacturing processes more sustainable.

  • Information on tools and techniques to improve energy and resource efficiency
  • Providing awareness of training to assist in development of cleaner more competitive processes
  • Sharing of good practice on systems and operations
  • Access to experts who can help with development of new chemistry and technology
  • Opportunity to join collaborative projects

A launch event was held at the University of York on 7th October at which a number of presentations were given on the use of sustainable techniques and green chemistry. Included in the programme was a presentation on the Chemicals Stakeholder Forum Guide to Substitution.