January 20, 2022 by Adam Peters


IainGraham, and Adam have been working on helping environmental regulators to implement bioavailability based Environmental Quality Standards for metals for some years. One of the key tools for doing this is bio-met, which is a simple tool for performing bioavailability calculations that has been validated against the more complex models that it is derived from.

The European Commission recently published technical guidance to support the improved implementation of water quality standard that are based on bioavailable metal concentrations, like the EQS for nickel that has applied throughout Europe since 2013.

We have recently been working on developing some short video clips to help new users use bio-met to perform bioavailability assessments, and they can be viewed on the bio-met evidence base. Specifically, the clips help guide those wanting to use bio-met to download tool, load in data and also export data, on which to perform compliance assessments against bioavailable metals EQS.