Melanie Gross, PhD is an environmental toxicologist with over 10 years of experience in environmental research and regulation. Melanie’s main areas of expertise are endocrine disruption, risk assessment of biologically active substances, and weight of evidence evaluations.

After completing her PhD at the University of London in 2001, Melanie joined the Environment Agency of England and Wales‘ Science Group, where her main responsibilities were conducting and managing R&D projects on endocrine disruption. Other responsibilities encompassed the management and day to day operation of the Environment Agency’s Environmental Toxicology Advisory Service and technical secretariat for the Joint Agency Groundwater Directive Advisory Group.

In 2007 Melanie joined wca, where she currently is project executive for the area of biologically active chemicals. Melanie’s core responsibilities in this area are the environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, and biocides, as well as weight of evidence reviews to determine endocrine disrupting chemicals under various pieces of legislation.

Melanie is bilingual, with both English and German as her mother tongues.