Louise Youngs, PhD, is a toxicologist with over 5 years’ experience in chemical risk assessment and hazard characterisation. In 2015 Louise joined wca, where she currently aids REACH registrations and IUCLID entry, calculates Derived-No-Effect-Levels (DNELs) and acts as study monitor for mammalian toxicology tests. In addition, trained in medicinal and biological chemistry, with expertise in regulatory toxicology and endocrine disruption, Louise has worked on a number of studies investigating the mechanism and mode of active ingredients, contaminants and leachables/extractables.

Prior to joining wca, Louise worked for Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (RPA), where she provided technical support to REACH compliance and Applications for Authorsiation (AfA). In particular, Louise worked on Analysis of Alternatives and Socio-Economic Analysis Reports for Chemical consortia, evaluating the human health impacts via occupational exposure and the wider environment. Her role involved predicting additional cancer cases on the basis of exposure-risk relationships and conducting cost-benefit analyses (CBA).

Prior to this, Louise worked as a Human Health Scientist for the Institute of Environment and Health (IEH), in which she authored quarterly literature reviews for Defra, provided toxicological expertise and calculated tolerable daily intakes, exposure and margins of safety. Louise has a Masters Degree in Health and Environment (Cranfield University, 2010) and a PhD in Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), with an emphasis on in silico and in vitro test methods (Cranfield University, 2014). Prior to this she completed a BSc in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry (The University of Exeter, 2009).